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Date of publication: 2017-12-26 14:57

Kollu(Horsegram) 6/9 cup
Chana Dal -6 tbsp
Jeera 6 tsp
Coconut 7 tbsp
Tamarind 6 tsp
Dried Red Chillies 7
Salt to taste

Kollu Podi Recipe-HorseGram Powder | Padhuskitchen

This kollu paruppu chutney reminded me of kadala chutney though the taste is not the same the texture is smooth like the peanut chutney and we loved it a lot.

Kollu Rasam-Horse Gram Rasam Recipe (Soup)-Ulava Charu

Looks yummy there is a pack of horse gram lying in my kitchen, i am surely going to try i have a silly question by chana dal, do u mean pottukadalai???

Kollu Chutney Recipe - Horsegram Chutney for Idli Dosa

Oil 6 tsp
Mustard Seeds 8/9 tsp
Hing a pinch
Urad Dal 6/7 tsp
Curry Leaves few

This is great for a quick/instant/yummy dish. We had it with rice and you were right, the smell of the chutney is that of paruppu but the flavor is very different. Can t wait for your kollu podi post!

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